Urban Kitchen: When Everybody Has Her/His Own Preference

Deciding where to eat can sometime be tiresome in our big family.  Everybody has her or his own preference and nobody is willing to give in.  When this happen, I, the beloved dictator of the family have the last say.  And I say … Urban Kitchen.  Everybody can sit around the same table, and doesn’t have to share the food.


International, Asian, Indonesian, Food Court


Pacific Place, 5th Floor

Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53



Telp: +62 21 57973160


Food Court.  Crowded most of the time



Price Range:

Rp 75.000,- – Rp 100.000,- / person

Date of   Visit:

July 20, 2011,  Mega’s birthday with Maga, Junior, Opa Habel, Maxin, Yanto, Mega, Rina, Andy, Ari, Stef and Karel.

Our Orders and the Prices:

Salmon Grill                                                         Rp.   47.500,-

Ayam Kung Pao                                                   Rp    48.000,-

Ayam Panggang                                                   Rp    54.000,-

Buntut Keremes                                                   Rp    64.500,-

Mie Ayam Alliong                                                Rp.  30.000,-

Prime Ribs                                                            Rp. 147.000,-

Iga Penyet                                                             Rp.   45.000,-

Hot Pepper Steak                                                Rp. 108.000,-

Salmon Sashimi                                                  Rp.   40.000,-

Roasted Duck                                                      Rp.   56.000,-

Soto Madura                                                        Rp. 40.000,-

Shin Men Special                                                 Rp. 42.000,-

Sayur Asem                                                           Rp. 15.000,-

Avocado  Coffee                                            Rp.  40.000,-

Cafe Late                                                        Rp.   30.000,-

Es Teh Lychee                                               Rp.  20.000,-

Thai Iced Tea                                                Rp.  17.500,-

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