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Lontong Mie

Lontong Mie


This rice cake noodle soup is one of the many traditional dishes of East Java.  I had lontong mie last week in Melati Cafe, Tugu Hotel Malang.

You will need:

250 gr egg noodle, cook and drain
250 gr sprouts, soak in hot water and drain
250 gr shrimps.  Separate the head and the body
1 stalk celery, slice
1 stalk chives, slice
5 cloves of garlic, slice
4 cloves of  shallot, slice
1 table spoon of dried shrimps
1/2  tea spoon of pepper
2 tea spoon of salt
2 table spoon of sweet soy sauce
6 glasses of water
2 table spoon of cooking oil

You will also need:

Shrimp paste (petis udang)
Rice Cake
Fried Tofu
Fried Shallot
Emping or shrimp crackers

How to Cook:

Boil the water.  Put the shrimp heads in.  Keep on the heat until  the shrimps heads floating.  Strain the shrimp broth.

Saute the garlic,  shallot and dried shrimps.  Put it  in the shrimp broth

Cook the shrimp broth, add pepper, salt, After it boils, put in shrimp, celery, chives and soy sauce until the shrimps are cooked.

How to Serve:

Slice rice cake and fried tofu.  Put it in a bowl.  Add egg noodle, sprout and shrimp.  Pour the soup.  Sprinkle with fried shallot.  Serve the shrimp paste and shrimp crackers on separate plate.


Selekta 1

Year End Trip
Selekta, Batu, East Java.  

Cangar Natural Hot Springs

Cangar Collage

Cangar Natural Hot Springs  is about an hour from  Batu toward Pacet,  East Java.  This thermal pool is located inside R Soerjo Forest and it actually has  the potential to become a prime tourist destination in East Java.  Unfortunately, it is poorly maintained and rather filthy.