Han Gang: Korean Food Art

Han Gang Monginsidi is located on the second floor of  a building  not far from “Pasar Santa”.  The restaurant does not have its own entrance, so to get there you have to go through a pre-owned  (antique …?)  car  showroom.  If you have claustrophobia like me, you better climb the stairs, the lift is so  small. 


Korean, Grill and Shabu


Jl. Walter Monginsidi No 99

Kebayoran Baru



Telp: +62 21 72787802, +62 21 72787789


Hang Gang Walter Monginsidi



Price Range:

Rp 100,000,- –  Rp 200.000,- per person

Date of   Visit:

July 24, 2011, dinner with Maga, Junior, Opa Habel, Ari and Andy

Our Orders and the Prices:

Modem Gogi (various beef package)                                             Rp. 460.000,-

Usol Gui  (ox tongue)                                                                        Rp. 120.000,-

Wang Kalbi (short ribs)                                                                    Rp 165.000,-

Sundubu Cige - Rp 55.000,-

Steamed rice                                                                                      Rp. 15.000,- / bowl

Thai Iced tea                                                                                      Rp. 25.000,-

Tea, coke, mineral water                                                                 Rp. 15.000

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