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Seattle Crab Pot

Crab Pot 2

Your trip to Seattle is not complete without visiting The Crab Pot.  


Seafood Restaurant


1301 Alaskan Way

Seattle, WA 98101

Telp: +01 (206) 624-1890

Operating Hours:

11:00 AM – 09:00 PM


Crab Pot 4



Our Order and Price Range:

Crab Pot 3

We ordered 5 Alaskan Packages consisted of: King Crab, Dungenese Crab, Snow Crab, Shrimp in the Shell, Steamed Clams, Pacific Mussels, Corn on the Cob and Red Potatoes.

It is a bit pricey, but then it is located in the middle of  tourist attraction.

Date of   Visit:

May 25, 2014.  Lunch with Maga, Junior and the Soehedies

Crab Pot 1

Purple Sky

Grand Coulee


Somewhere near Grand Coulee Dam, Washington.  The sun had not fully sunk, yet the moon could not wait to shine

Hurricane Ridge



Hurricane Ridge, with an elevation of  5342 ft,  is one of the most beautiful spots within Olympic National Park, Washington.  The 17-mile drive to the Visitor Center is so amazing with plenty of vistas to stop by and take some photos



Below are some photos I took from Visitor Center compound.  We didn’t have the chance to hike, since, as you can see,  the snow pile was still too high.

Hurricane Ridge collage



Date of visit:  May 01, 2009

Palouse Scenic Byway

Palouse collage

Sometimes the final destination is not the thing we remember most on a trip.  Sometimes on the way to a certain place, we pass  through  an absolutely beautiful place and we know that we will never forget that place.  

One of these beautiful places is Palouse, about 15 miles north of Pullman,  where the Washington State University is located.   Thousands of acres of wheat fields with an array of different colors, due to the differences in the  planting and harvest time, decorate the hilly area.  Very charming…..


Deception Pass Bridge



Deception Pass Bridge was built in the 193os  connecting Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island.  This bridge is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Washington State

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Snoqualmie Falls

Sebenarnya lokasinya tidak jauh – hanya sekitar 45 menit – dari Seattle,  namun setelah tinggal lebih dari satu tahun di kawasan Seattle, kami baru mengunjungi tempat ini untuk pertama kalinya.  Tepatnya pada tanggal 4 April 2009.  Padahal  Snoqualmie Falls ini adalah salah satu atraksi wisata Washington yang paling terkenal.  Lebih dari satu setengah juta orang mengunjungi tempat ini setiap tahunnya.

The Falls from Snoqualmie Falls Park Viewing Point

Pemandangannya pun begitu indah dan spektakuler. Air terjun Snoqualmie atau Snoqualmie Falls ini meluncurkan airnya dari tebing granit setinggi  268 ft atau sekitar 82 meter.  Terletak di antara kota Snoqualmie dan Falls City di Negara Bagian Washington.

Pada kunjungan pertama kami, taman bagian bawah sedang ditutup untuk publik.  Jadi kami hanya bisa menikmati keindahan air terjun ini dari viewing gallery di Snoqualmie Falls Park bagian atas.   Merasa tidak puas dua setengah bulan kemudian, kami melakukan kunjungan kedua ke Snoqualmie Falls.  Kunjungan kedua ini pesertanya lumayan banyak.  Ada keluarga Soehedi yang terdiri dari mas Agung, Yani dan ketiga anak mereka; Sasha, Adi  dan Noval yang sudah tinggal di Amerika selama 10 tahun.  Ada juga adik saya, Meina dan anaknya Widya yang sedang liburan ke Seattle.  Ternyata …… Yani yang sudah tinggal 10 tahun di Seattle dan anak-anaknya belum pernah mengunjungi tempat ini.  Jadi bisa dibayangkan betapa hebohnya mereka.

Selain mengunjungi air terjun, Downtown Snoqualmie juga menarik untuk dikunjungi.  Sekedar untuk  jalan-jalan, ngopi atau makan siang.

One Sunny Afternoon in Paradise

Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier, Washington

July 20, 2010

A warm sunny afternoon is a rare oppurtunity in Seattle.  We would not going to waste a wonderful afternoon by just staying at home.  My son was even more than willing to leave his computer to join us.

We left our Renton Home and drove through Enumclaw, when we saw a big deer, as big a a cow, crossing the  street.

The distance from our home to Mt. Rainier National Park is about 60 miles.  And the distance between the entrance gate to Paradise Visiting Center is about 20 miles.

A long road among the evergreen trees

Leaving the town of Enumclaw, we drove among the giant evergreen trees.  Once in a while we saw Mount Rainier  all covered with everlasting snow peeking between trees.  Some other times it was standing proudly directly in front of us.

Reflection Lake

We stopped at Reflection Lake to take picture, where Mt. Rainier was reflected on the surace of the lake.

Our final destination was Paradise Visiting Center.  A wonderful place to sip coffee with Mt. Rainier looming over us through tall window.

Cafe inside the Paradise Visitor Center