Planet Hollywood Jakarta: Goodbye, Terminator

After more than 2 years, we finally went back to Planet Hollywood Jakarta and expected to be greeted by the “Terminator”.  But we were in for surprise.  Not only that the Terminator and the movie stars stage had gone, the glamour, the dashing and the Hollywood atmosphere were also gone.  Replace by a dull warehouse-cum-movie studio interior design.  Fortunately, the foods were still, even more tasteful, than before.


American Food


Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 16

Jakarta 12930


Telp: +62 21 526 7827


Black and Gloomy.



Price Range:

Rp 150.000,- – Rp 250.000,- / person

Date of   Visit:

June 11, 2011  dinner with Maga, Ina Noe, Yanto, Rina, Andy, Sasya and Nanda

Our Orders and the Prices:

Classic Nachos                                                     Rp.    75.000,-

Fried Calamari                                                     Rp.    55.000,-

Lasagna                                                                 Rp.    79.000,-

BBQ Beef Short Ribs                                           Rp.  199.000,-

Australian Beef Tenderloin                               Rp.   175.000,-

Australian Beef Rib Eye                                     Rp.   175.000,-

Lamb Chop                                                           Rp.   145.000,-

Fajita Beef                                                            Rp.   115.000,-

Iced Tea                                                                 Rp.    21.500,-

Home Alone                                                          Rp.    45.000,-

Apple Berry Crush                                                Rp.    35.000,-

Ace Ventura                                                           Rp.    35.000,-                                                                            

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