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Mesquite Flat Sand Dune

Dead Valley

Dead trees on Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. Dead Valley National Park, California, can be so beautiful.


Ternate Waterfront

Ternate 21

Purple Sky

Grand Coulee


Somewhere near Grand Coulee Dam, Washington.  The sun had not fully sunk, yet the moon could not wait to shine

An Early Moon in Austin

An Early Moon

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Guangzhou

Guangzhou 1

Jumbo Restaurant, Hong Kong

Jumbo 1

Ical & Inge’s Wedding

Ical & Inge's Wedding, 24 December 2005


Ical & Inge's Wedding 2

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Pattaya 1


Ciseeng 1


Anyer 1


Marbela Beach, Anyer
March 19, 2007