One Sunny Afternoon in Paradise

Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier, Washington

July 20, 2010

A warm sunny afternoon is a rare oppurtunity in Seattle.  We would not going to waste a wonderful afternoon by just staying at home.  My son was even more than willing to leave his computer to join us.

We left our Renton Home and drove through Enumclaw, when we saw a big deer, as big a a cow, crossing the  street.

The distance from our home to Mt. Rainier National Park is about 60 miles.  And the distance between the entrance gate to Paradise Visiting Center is about 20 miles.

A long road among the evergreen trees

Leaving the town of Enumclaw, we drove among the giant evergreen trees.  Once in a while we saw Mount Rainier  all covered with everlasting snow peeking between trees.  Some other times it was standing proudly directly in front of us.

Reflection Lake

We stopped at Reflection Lake to take picture, where Mt. Rainier was reflected on the surace of the lake.

Our final destination was Paradise Visiting Center.  A wonderful place to sip coffee with Mt. Rainier looming over us through tall window.

Cafe inside the Paradise Visitor Center

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