Kaihomaru: Crispy Baby Shrimps for Lunch

Kaihomaru 2

The ground floor and the first floor of our office building – Citiloft/Citiwalk Sudirman – are dedicated for cafes and restaurants.  More than  twenty eating places serving lunch everyday.  But every day we are still struggling in deciding which restaurant to eat.

Kaihomaru, a Japanese Restaurant, on the 1st floor is the solution that we always take, when we don’t know which one to go.  The dishes are light, yet satisfying.    My favorites are shibaebi karaage (crispy baby shrimps) and sake onigiri (salmon rice ball)




Citiwalk Sudirman

Jl. KH Mas Mansyur No. 121

1st floor.  Unit 11


Telp: +62 21 2991 8916


Typical Japanese diner


Semi formal, office attire

Our Order and Price Range:

Kaihomaru 1

Kaihomaru 3

Kaihomaru 4

Kaihomaru 5

Date of   Visit:

April 21, 2014.  Lunch with Maga.

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