Bale Raos: Royal Cuisine ala Kraton Yogyakarta

Bale Raos 2

A few times I had dinner with my family in Bale Raos Yogyakarta, which was located inside the Kraton (Palace).  I really loved the ambiance of the restaurant. Very Javanese and very royal.  As for the dishes, not so much that I could remember.

Bale Raos had opened its branch in Jakarta in Kebayoran Baru area.  The atmosphere was different than that in Yogya. Very ordinary.  And still, there was nothing special about the main dishes, although it was written in the menu, that this dish was the favorite of this Sultan and that dish was the favorite of other Sultan.   However,  the traditional desserts were very very very good.  Will be back for the desserts.



Javanese, Traditional


Jl. Suryo No. 15

Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta Selatan

Telp: +62 739 5785


Bale Raos 8




Our Order and Price Range:

Bale Raos 3


Bale Raos 4



Bale Raos 5


Bale Raos 6

Bale Raos 7

Date of   Visit:

April 19, 2014.  Dinner with Maga and Andy Jamie

Bale Raos 1

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