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Welcome to Mississippi the Birthplace of America’s Music


Welcome Mississipi

Entering Mississippi from New Orleans on December 27, 2013 via I-10 a few miles from Slidell

Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is one of the icons of Batam Island.  This bridge is a series of six bridges, connecting six islands, three of which became the name of this bridge: Batam, Rempang and Galang.

The scenery along the bridge is so amazing.  The calm seas, without waves,  surrounding many sparkling small  islands.

With a relatively quite traffic, you can stop on the bridge to take photos or enjoy the view, like what I and my friend Julie Suroso did.

Batam 2

Atlantic City: the Boardwalk City

Atlantic City 1

While waiting for our son, Junior, to join us in New York City from Austin, Texas, we took a quick trip to Atlantic City.  

Atlantic City 2

We arrived in Atlantic City on May 17, 2013, late afternoon and start searching for a hotel.  The hotel has to be on the famous boardwalk.

Atlantic City 4

We decided to stay at The Caesars.  A huge hotel – kind of old compared to many other new establishments in the city- but the room was spacious and the public areas were luxurious and pleasant and the rate is much cheaper.

Atlantic City 19

Atlantic City 21

After we settled in, then it was time for us to explore the Boardwalk with its unique exterior.

Atlantic City 5

Atlantic City 6

Atlantic City 8

Atlantic City 9

Atlantic City 10

Atlantic City 12

Atlantic City 18

Atlantic City 14

Alantic City 11

If you were too tired or too lazy to walk, you could use this mode of transportation

Atlantic City 20

A visit to Atlantic City would not be complete without trying your luck in the slot machines.

Atlantic City 22

Welcome to New Jersey

Welcome to New Jersey

Entering New Jersey from New York on May 17, 2013

Mari Masak Kerak Telor

Malam ini tiba-tiba aku ingin sekali makan Kerak Telor.  Diantar Maga, kami mencoba peruntungan pergi ke kawasan Tugu Monas. Ternyata pada malam Minggu seperti malam ini,  banyak abang-abang yang menjajakan makanan khas Betawi ini

Kami berkesempatan untuk menyaksikan proses pembuatannya dengan seksama …, Sepertinya mudah untuk membuatnya sendiri.

Kerak 2

Bahan-bahan yang dibutuhkan.

    1. Ketan putih, rendam selama 2 hingga 3 jam
    2. Telor bebek
    3. Serundeng kelapa
    4. Bawang goreng
    5. Ebi bubuk
    6. Garam, lada bubuk, gula pasir, 
    7. Irisan cabai (bila diperlukan)

Cara Pembuatannya:

Panaskan wajan ukuran sedang di atas anglo dengan arang yang menyala panas.

Kerak 3

Masukkan satu sendok sop ketan yang sudah direndam beserta airnya.  Tutup dan biarkan selama 2 hingga 3 menit di atas anglo.

Kerak 4

Buka tutupnya dan masukkan satu butir telor bebek, satu sendok makan serundeng kelapa gurih, satu sendok teh serundeng kelapa manis,  satu sendok makan bawang goreng, satu sendok teh ebi bubuk, garam, gula dan merica secukupnya.

Kerak 5

Aduk dengan cepat dan merata.

Kerak 6

Bentuk menyerupai telor dadar dengan diameter 20 cm, tutup dan masak hingga harum.

Kerak 7

Buka tutupnya dan balik wajan di atas anglo, hingga lidah api menjilat kerak telor.

Kerak 9

Bolak-balik wajan, hingga kerak telor benar-benar matang dan harum baunya.

Kerak 10

Tambahkan serungdeng dan bawang goreng lagi dan sajikan

Kerak 1

Selamat mencoba dan menikmati.

Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Collage

In October 2000, during one of my business trips, I had the chance to visit the site of statue of  Christo Redentor (Chist the Redeemer) atop of Corcovado, just outside the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Located in the Old City of Istanbul, Sultan Ahmet  Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque was constructed by the 14th Ottoman ruler, Sultan Ahmet I.  The construction of the mosque was started in 1609 by architect Mehmet Agha and completed in 1616.  This mosque is the  most splendid mosque in Istanbul, and the only one with 6 minarets in the city and in the country.  Unfortunately only 4 minarets was captured in the above photograph.

And here is the one with the complete 6 minarets ...

Blue Mosque 3

Blue Mosque 2

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque 3

Blue Mosque 2

Turkey 4

Date of visit:      22 November 2012

Gateway Arch


The Gateway Arch,  is the landmark of St. Louis, Missouri.  With a height of 192 meters, this modern architectural structure  is the tallest monument in the United States.

Gatewat Arch collage

This monument is the most important part of the Jefferson Expansion Memorial Park, built to commemorate the westward expansion of the United States


Right behind this Monument runs the famous Mississippi River.  At the river bank, there is a statue of Mark Twain.


Amankila: a Secluded Nest in Karangasem


 I should have put this post in the Hotel category, but since I did not stay here, so I did not have the opportunity to view the suites’ accomodations.



My husband and I stopped by Amankila to enjoy lunch at the coffee shop, overlooking the Lombok Strait.  Great views and outstanding food.



With the  rates vary from US$ 1,000 to US$ 3,500 per night, this hotel is obviously reserved for those with money.   Hope someday I can stay – or someone will invite me to stay –  here and recount my experience to you all.

Manggis, Bali
Indonesiatel    (62) 363 41333
fax    (62) 363 41555
mailing address 
PO Box 33, Manggis 80871
Karangesam, Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to New Mexico

New Mexico

Entering New Mexico from Cortez, Colorado to Shiprock, New Mexico on Road 491.  Miles and miles of deserted and very mystical road.  Passing this area was like wandering on another planet.