Kedai Pelangi: Offers Sop Konro and Buras

Kedai Pelangi

Kedai Pelangi, located on the congested street of Jalan Sabang, serves a variety of   traditional  foods of Makassar such as Coto Makassar and Sop Konro, the famous rib soup, complete with buras (rice cake similar to lontong or ketupat, the Javanese rice cakes).   Kedai Pelangi  also offers traditional desserts such as ‘palu butung’ and ‘es pisang ijo’.

If you are in Jakarta and  are longing for Makassar food, Kedai Pelangi is one of the few places you should visit.  A bit of advice. though, if you order Sop Konro remind the server to bring you a very hot soup .  Mine was not as hot as it was  supposed to be.  


Makassar Dishes


Jl. H Agus Salim no 18 A

Jakarta Pusat

Telp: +62 21 315 1999


Kedai Pelangi 4



Our Order and Price Range:

Kedai Pelangi 2


kedai pelangi 3

Date of   Visit:

April 14, 2014.  Dinner with Maga and Andy Jamie

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