Eid al-Fitri Dinner at Le Gran

Lontong (rice cake). opor ayam (Javanese chicken curry), dendeng balado (crispy sliced meat), sambal goreng ati (liver in spicy coconut milk), egg and chayote

Idul Fitri was not complete without  a dish of “Lontong and Opor Ayam” (rice cake and Javanese chicken curry). As long as I could remember, my mom and my sisters in Yogya always prepared this dish to celebrate the holiday.  Since my mom had passed away earlier this year, and I had travelled to Yogya so many times within the last three months,  I decided to celebrate the holiday in Jakarta.  Without forsaking Lontong and Opor, of course. 

After calling several hotels and asking them if they had lontong and opor ayam in their restaurants’ menu, finally I, Maga, Junior,  Meina, and Widya went to Hotel Gran Mahakam’s coffee shop, known as Le Gran.  The Lontong Mahakam that we had, although it was different from what we normally had in our big family’s home in Yogya, was excellent.  In addition, we also had a chance to taste other dishes too, such as seafood steamboat, sushi, prata and curry and the delicious melted chocolate cake.  I would like also to mention here, that the waitress who served us was really helpful.  Seldom we met such a dedicated buffet restaurant attendant who would go a long way to offer you a dish and get it for you.  Good Job.


Indonesian, International Food


Le Gran

Hotel Gran Mahakam

Jl. Mahakam I  No. 6.

Blok M

Jakarta – 12130

Telp: +62 21 720 9966

E-mail: info@granmahakam.com




Price Range:

Rp 250.000,-  –  Rp 400.000,-/person

Date of   Visit:

August 19, 2012.  Dinner with Maga, Junior, Meina and Widya.

Our Orders and the Prices:

Dinner Eid al-Fitri Buffet              Rp.  258.000,-/person

Lychee Ice Tea                                 Rp.     45.000,-

Fresh Orange Juice                         Rp.     65.000,-

Fresh Lime Juice                             Rp.     55.000,-

Aqua                                                   Rp      25.000,-

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