The Grill: Never Fail

The Grill had been one of our favorite restaurants for several years.  Since its location only two minutes walk from our office, it had been the venue for many  celebrations, such as friends birthdays, our team’s special achievements or accomplishment, and reunions.  Sometimes, it was just a place to eat a really good food.  The food never failed us.  If it wasn’t a bit pricey, maybe I would have gone there every week.


Japanese, Grill


Midplaza 2, Lower Ground Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 10

Jakarta 10220

Telp: +62 21 570 6210, 570 6200



Semi Formal

Price Range:

Rp 250.000,- – Rp 500.000,- + Service and Tax/person

Date of   Visit:

August 17, 2012   with Maga and Junior

Our Orders and the Prices:

Green Tea                                            Rp.  30.000,-

Mineral Water                                    Rp.   18.000,-

Wakame (Seaweed) Soup                Rp    52.000,-

Gohan (Rice)                                      Rp    17.000,-

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