Mandola’s Italian Market

The first night in Austin, my son took us to this restaurant in Triangle area.  The place was fully packed, and there was a long queue in front of the cashier.  I almost gave up, but my son convinced me that the food was extraordinary.  Indeed it was.  I was glad that we stayed.


Italian Cuisine


4700 Guadalupe

Suite 12

Austin, Texas


Telp: +1 512 419 9700


Like a market place, no wonder the placed called Mandola’s Italian Market.



Price Range:

US$ 12 -15+/ person

Date of   Visit:

August 13, 2011, dinner with Maga and Junior

Our Orders and the Prices:

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  1. itu wedding soup isinya apa? koq malah seperti es campur.
    Steak panininya look so yummy…..

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